The Kingdom of Anaxamander, called Anaxamandras, is the largest piece of the Alexandrian Empire on Lemurias.  It's a Hellenistic State that surrounds the Principality of Phaeselis, and have been a good neighbor so far. Anaxamandras' territory is vast, but the kingdom is rulled by a Hellenic elite in all the major cities.  The Kingdom is the door way to Aryavarta to the south, and adventure in untold territory to the east.  The Silk Road runs the length of the kingdom, and part of it terminates in Phaeselis.  The land is characterized by good rule, but many think that the territory is too vast and that Anaxamander might be losing his faculties in his old age.

The people here live in a melting pot of various peoples, its almost a macrocosm of Phaeselis itself.  Unlike the city, which is artificially divided, there are many here that work hard to keep themselves racially pure.

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