Desert orcs are martial creatures who live for battle. Prowess in battle is their only measure of social standing, and they don’t particularly care if weaker races get hurt when orcs test their skills. In fact, the chief difference between desert orcs and desert goblinoids is that the former never accept defeat—when desert orcs attack, they conquer or die trying.

Desert orcs live in a perpetual state of war, participating in eternal night sorties from their isolated desert canyons and ancient ruined cities to attack settlements and expand their territory. Only the burning sun, and their weakness when in it, keeps them from ruling the desert with the orc gods’ iron fists.

Occasionally an individual orc questions the need for constant battle, or seeks strategies other than brute force. Such iconoclasts often leave their tribes—at least temporarily—to become adventurers.

Winter orcMountain orcOrcDesert Orc
Jungle orcDarklands orc
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