800px-Indo-Greeks 100bc

Indo-Greek kingdoms in our world, to give you the scale of these kingdoms, by Thomas Lessman.

The Helleno-Aryan Kingdoms are the most exotic kingdoms in the Alexandrian Empire.  They are composed of kingdoms that Alexander founded, but practiced expansionism into the lands of Aryavarta.  The campaigns that caused the expansion of the Helleno-Aryan Kingdoms were against the Naga Empire.  The Naga Empire was crushed, and while there are far eastern Kingdoms ruled by the Nagas, the backs of the Naga Empire were broken and it never will arise again.

The people of the Helleno-Aryan Kingdoms blends Hellenist culture and Aryavartan culture into a stew, and is the base of the export of Buddhism and Jainism to the West.  The result was a rich fusion of Hellenistic culture and Aryavartan culture in these kingdoms. 

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