Qin'ae, the Middle Kingdom, the Fabled Land.

All of these describe Qin'ae, a land of strange people, forests, and unusual dishes of food.  On the surface, if a foreigner was to visit Qin'ae, the state seems serene and peaceful.  However, the Middle Kingdom is actually in turmoil.  The land is divided into several states, each trying to find a way to unite all the others into one Land, under one King, with one set of Laws.  Despite this, many of the states wish to open trade with the West and have built the Silk Road from their states into the Western Alexandrian Empire.


Fight in Bamboo Forest (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)02:51

Fight in Bamboo Forest (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).avi

From Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; battle in the Bamboo Forest.

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